Episode 9

Published on:

13th Apr 2021

The Do's and Dont's of Selling Your Health Care Business

Considering selling your healthcare business?

Or maybe you are in acquisition mode. Either way this episode of the Healthcare Huddle will be a real eye opener for you.

This week's guest is Dan Roth. Dan is a Managing Director at The Forbes M+A Group. He is a trusted advisor, strategist, renowned expert, and acclaimed speaker that has helped thousands of business owners navigate business sales, mergers, acquisitions, capital raises and debt restructuring. 

Today's conversation touches on the dos and dont's of selling or buying a healthcare business.

His knowledge is the difference that makes the difference. 

Dan discusses how to eliminate risk from your business portfolio to get more for your sale and how to properly evaluate risk to negotiate a better deal if you are buying. Dan offers expert insight into topics such as what role does recurring revenue play in business value, and when is the best time to sell your business.

Is your ego preventing the sale of your business? Michael and Dan drill down into some honest topics like owner ego issues and other unknown influencers and how they impact a sale. Dan’s offers perspective on how the COVID pandemic influenced mergers and acquisitions. It may surprise you. If nothing else it will help you determine how to price a sale or a purchase of a business in the healthcare industry.

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