Episode 1

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9th Sep 2020

Shoring Up Your Business' Blind Spots

Today's Guest: Toby Clary

Are you covering all your financial blind spots?

Today’s show will help you on the financial side of running a health care business.  Our guest is Toby Clary. Toby is a CPA and CVA with years in leadership in the health care industry and will help you get through regulatory compliance while keeping your cash flow on the positive side without having your business fall victim to a number of potential pitfalls for you business’ financial health.

According to Toby, Medical practices specialize in providing health care to patients not financial management . Internal controls, human resources and financial asset managament are vital to your business’ health. Toby discusses the fundamental processes necessary to have in place to protect your business.

Toby discusses the importance of communication amongst partners and how that filters down to the entire staff and how it can go a long way to providing overall finial health for your practice.

Toby also spends time talking about business in the time of Covid. Toby shares some advice on everything from PPP grants to new business practices during a pandemic.

Toby Clary (CPA CVA) 

Toby Clary





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